What are the admission requirements for Serenity at Schofield?

Any Hospice-eligible resident that is in need of 24-hour nursing care during the final months of life is eligible for admission to Serenity at Schofield.

When is admission appropriate?

Admission is appropriate when:

  • A person with life-limiting illness lives alone and is no longer able to feed or dress themselves
  • A person’s caregiver is physically or economically unable to provide care at home
  • A person with life-limiting illness lives in an unstable or an unsafe home
  • A person with life-limiting illness does not have adequate family support
  • A person with life-limiting illness must relocate from areas outside of Erie County to be closer to family members

The person and family, along with the person’s physician and Hospice Buffalo’s medical director and staff, work together to determine if admission to Serenity at Schofield is suitable for the individual.

Serenity at Schofield does not discriminate in admission, retention or care of residents, registrants or patients based upon race, color, national origin, creed, sex, sexual preference, marital status, handicap, blindness, religion, sponsor or method of payment.

What payment options are available for Serenity at Schofield?

People covered by Medicare already have a Medicare Hospice Benefit and there are no extra fees, deductibles or charges. That benefit pays for the entire medical and care team of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains and aides. It also pays for medicine, supplies and medical equipment for care that is needed for the hospice diagnosis. Loved ones are provided with bereavement support after the resident has passed. The Medicare Hospice benefit does not pay for room and board. Medicaid and private pay are options to cover the resident’s room and board. We are happy to check with your insurance provider for possible coverage; please ask your social worker or call Hospice Buffalo at (716) 686-8040.