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Caring for a loved one?

Schofield Residence and our affiliated programs can help! If you or a loved one needs home health care services, short-term rehabilitation, adult day health care, nursing home care, or a private duty aide at home, Schofield has a program that can help. Founded in 1910, Schofield is one of the most experienced and respected providers of home and long term health care services in Western New York. We offer a variety of elder-care programs, and care for individuals living with disabling conditions. Schofield’s services are personalized to meet each individual’s unique needs.
  • What People are Saying

    “We’re so glad we found Schofield. The staff was excellent. We looked at a dozen facilities. They exceeded our expectations.”

    – Betz family, Spring 2018
  • What People are Saying

    “Our family was put at ease immediately upon his admission by the staff. It actually was a bit overwhelming how accommodating and caring they were.”

    – King family, Sept. 2018
  • What People are Saying

    “The people that work here really care, there’s such TLC for the residents that I have seen.”

    – Schofield volunteer and donor, August 2017
  • What People are Saying

    “From day, one, the nurses, the nurses aids, and the rehab staff were friendly people…They know what they’re doing. I’m very satisfied.”

    – Eddie, Rehab resident, July 2017
  • What People are Saying

    “I give to Schofield because of the work Schofield does and the care they give. I always felt Schofield is a reputable home.”

    –Katherine, Schofield volunteer and donor, June 2017
  • What People are Saying

    “Our family just loved Schofield. Everyone was so kind and patient. I would recommend Schofield to anybody.”

    – Linda, Daughter of resident, April 2017
  • What People are Saying

    “It is a blessing to have my husband at Schofield. This is his third facility. He loves the food and activities. He’s getting the best care and he’s so happy.”

    - Wife of resident and Schofield donor, March 2017
The Schofield Residence Nursing Facility offers both short-term rehabilitation and long term care services. We welcome you to visit and learn more about Schofield Residence Nursing Facility.