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Caring for a loved one?

Schofield Residence and our affiliated programs can help! If you or a loved one needs home health care services, short-term rehabilitation, adult day health care, nursing home care, or a private duty aide at home, Schofield has a program that can help. Founded in 1910, Schofield is one of the most experienced and respected providers of home and long term health care services in Western New York. We offer a variety of elder-care programs, and care for individuals living with disabling conditions. Schofield’s services are personalized to meet each individual’s unique needs.
  • What People are Saying

    PT/OT and aides were top expertise. They were assertive and had close relationships with each patient. Sharon was most attentive to me and all patients.

    – Rehab patient, Summer 2015
  • What People are Saying

    "Everyone on the staff at Schofield was very nice and friendly. They spoke to the residents as intelligent adults. The PT and OT therapists were wonderful."

    – Rehab patient, Summer 2015
  • What People are Saying

    "The entire staff was always ready with a smile and words of encourgement. Most of the aides treat the residents like they were their own parents. It seems Schofield has thought of everything to make the residents feel at home. It was nice to have a beauty salon, (not to mention the special Mother's Day Program). Also, the Activities staff was excellent at getting the residents to leave their rooms to enjoy the many programs offered with the other residents."

    –Rehab patient, May 2015
  • What People are Saying

    "All the staff were polite and courteous. From the aids, to the nurses and doctors. PT workers were very knowledgable and helped me so much."

    – Rehab patient, 2015
  • What People are Saying

    "Everything was great! All employees were wonderful. The practice of every employee knocking before entering the patient's room, even if they left to get something and returned was incredible. Privacy was better than any facility that my husband and I were ever in."

    - Rehab patient, 2015
  • What People are Saying

    "When I had a fever the nurse's and aide's were considerate and took care of me. Oh my God, there was nothing they couldn't take care of. My mom could not have taken care of me better."

    - Rehab patient, 2015
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The Schofield Residence Nursing Facility offers both short-term rehabilitation and long term care services. We welcome you to visit and learn more about Schofield Residence Nursing Facility.