Do you have questions about aging well? Are you looking for information about prevention or treatment of diabetes, heart disease or another condition? Looking for resources to help you stop smoking or lose weight? Schofield's recently opened Wellness Library may be the place for you to go. According to Patricia Begiers, RN, Schofield's Liaison Nurse and Wellness Program Coordinator, the Wellness Library is a free resource for people who have questions about health and wellness related topics. It is located in the Schofield Adult Wellness Center at Schofield's Nursing Facility and is open to everyone. The library includes brochures and books. Magazines and CD's/DVD's will also be available for lending soon. In addition, there is a list of websites for further research. Some of the books available include "You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty," "Age Protectors Stop Aging Now," "Type 2 Diabetes and Your Health," and "Wellness Foods A-Z." How can someone borrow from the library? According to Pat, this is a self-run library. Individuals may visit the Wellness Library when our Wellness Center is open, during one of our monthly wellness programs, and browse. If you find a book you would like to borrow, sign it out with your name and phone number. The library works on the honor system, if you have not returned the book in a month, Pat will give you a call to remind you that it is due. Many brochures are also available free of charge. Pat notes that Schofield continues to accept donations of new or used health/wellness books, magazines, health educational CD's. Start your new year with the health and wellness information you need. Stop by the Wellness Library at Schofield today.