We'd like to express our deepest appreciation to the families of Richard Bingel, Sr. and Francis Pepi who recently asked that memorial donations be made in their loved one's name upon their passing. Through memorial contributions, family, friends, and acquaintances can express their condolences and take the positive action of supporting Schofield's programs and services. We use the money raised by the Schofield Foundation to improve the quality of life for our residents, registrants and patients. Please consider those we serve, and consider honoring our staff, by requesting that memorial contributions be made to the Schofield Foundation, Inc. For those wishing to make a contribution, donations may be made through PayPal on our website www.schofieldcare.org Donation forms and envelopes are also available at our Reception desk, or by calling our Administration department at (716) 874-1566, extension 305. A printable form is also available on our website www.SchofieldCare.org