When it comes time for your mother, father, or other elderly relative to go through surgery or hospitalization, there are a million things going through your mind. You feel helpless. This has become something that goes beyond your capability, both medically and emotionally. Relax. There are plenty of individuals who specialize in this type of care. Whether they come back from an extended illness or have to have some significant surgery, there are options for short term rehabilitation. Skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers are flooded with medical professionals who take pride in caring for seniors who are ailing. If you or someone you know is feeling a little overwhelmed with adjusting to the fact that your relative needs medical help, here are a few first steps in choosing a rehab facility. If your loved one is going to need short term rehab, you'll probably have to help them choose where to go. The facility you choose, and the treatment they'll receive there will significantly affect their recovery process. When you do your homework, you know you've made the right decision. Consult Take all the time you need having conversations with the discharge planner or social worker at the facility they are receiving treatment from. No one will help you more than the people working directly with your loved one. Odds are they will provide you with a few different options or suggestions on rehab facilities to go to. With this list, you can start making a decision based on a few different factors. Ratings Based on the information given to you from the transitional care planner, you can look into ratings and online reviews. Do a little research into the company's standards. There is also a federal Medicare Nursing Home Compare available for brief comparison. You can tell a lot by the messaging and information listed on online websites, but take everything with a grain of salt. The online compare allows you to search all the facilities around a given zip code. Location You want somewhere that isn't too far from potential visitors. Based on the severity of the case, clearly the facility and rehab treatment available is what's most important. But don't forget that you want family and friends to be able to visit your loved one during their treatment. Visitors from loved ones help emotionally, and can even speed up recovery time. Schofield Care offers short term rehab for seniors in Western New York. Whether your loved one is recovering from a significant illness, or surgery, we have the facilities and professionals to help them recover fully, and most importantly, comfortably. If you have a loved one or know a senior who is facing the challenge of recuperating, please give us a call or stop into our facilities. We would love to help!