Schofield Residence plans to relocate its Adult Day Health Care Program from its current location on the third floor of the Sheehan Health Network building to 190 Fulton Street in Buffalo, announced Edward J. Gray, Schofield Residence President. "Schofield's Adult Day Health Care Program provides care to over 200 frail elders and disabled individuals who otherwise might need nursing home care," said Mr. Gray. "Eighty percent of the registrants in our program live in the city of Buffalo, and we are pleased to stay close to the core of the people who need the services our Adult Day Health Care Program provides." According to Mr. Gray, this move became necessary when Sheehan Health Network, the site where Schofield currently leases space for their program, recently announced their closure plan. "We have been searching for a new site for our Adult Day Health Care Program for several months as a result of Sheehan's announcement," said Mr. Gray. "In addition, our Adult Day Health Care Program has been growing, and the space at Sheehan limited expansion of the program." Schofield has entered into a property lease with a developer who will be completely renovating the property to meet the program's specific needs. The Program will occupy over 17,600 square feet of space in the building, a former school. The current site has 9,000 square feet. The new site is located on the ground level and will include a full commercial kitchen where Schofield staff can meet the food service needs of the program. "We're very excited about this new location," said Candice Duffy, Director Schofield ADHCP. "Space has been very tight at Sheehan as our program has grown, especially as we work more with Medicaid managed care programs to help keep their patients from needing more costly services." The new location is half a mile from the Interstate I-90 and is also located on an NFTA bus route. According to Mr. Gray, an extensive renovation is planned with an anticipated move-in date sometime in October. "We are confident that this new site will allow our Adult Day Health Care Program to continue to grow and meet the needs of frail elders and disabled individuals for many years to come," said Mr. Gray. While Sheehan officially closed their health care related business operations on May 31, Schofield continues to run its Adult Day Health Care Program at that site, 425 Michigan Avenue in Buffalo. "Even though Sheehan has officially closed, it is business as usual at Schofield Adult Day Health Care Program" said John Malicki, Administrator. "We continue to care for the 205 registrants in our program, and continue to accept referrals." Sheehan's closing required Schofield to change its telephone and fax numbers. The new telephone number is 716-849-8720 and the fax is 716-849-8724. More information on Schofield's Adult Day Health Care Program is available at