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Remembering Who Matters | Making Father’s Day Special

Think of a time when Dad was in his prime. As our parents and loved ones enter old age, we tend to see their lives differently than when they were caring for us. Though they have changed in appearance, strength, or ability, the person inside is still there. Whether your Dad is in our Schofield Residence, Rehabilitation Center, Adult Day, or Home Health Care, don’t forget to make sure his Father’s Day is special. Here are a few ideas and considerations for making your Dad, uncle, or Grandpa’s Father’s day one to remember.

For The Dads Who Still Like Getting Out and About

Take a Walk, Together

Quality time can be one of the best gifts a son or daughter can provide for an elderly father. Our lives can become so busy that we forget how meaningful a good conversation in a familiar place can be. Walk around the old neighborhood, spend time in nature, or visit a place you used to go when Dad was younger.

Pampering.. Papa Style.

When’s the last time your old man got to sit down in a Barber chair for a fresh haircut? Perhaps an old fashioned gentleman’s professional shave could mean the world on Father’s Day. The classical atmosphere of the barbershop will surely bring back some old memories. Another option would be taking Dad out to a spa for a nice relaxing massage.

Bring The Kids & Him Somewhere Fun

Spending time with his Grandkids is sure to brighten up his day. Think of somewhere local that he and his grandchildren could connect and converse. A few options could be a car show, a museum, or sightseeing spot. Theme the idea around him, and let the younger folk know that this is his special day.


For Fathers Who Prefer, or Have to Stay In

Backyard BBQ

If your Dad stays at home, but can’t get around very well, consider inviting the whole family over to his place to have a nice outdoor sit down family meal. You could surprise him, or let him know you’re stopping over, but seeing the whole family around him on his day is sure to put a smile on his face.

Deliver His Favorite Meal

You can either cook dinner at home and bring over his favorite recipe, bring everything over and cook it at his place, or order take out from his favorite restaurant and hand deliver it to him.

Spend Quality Time With an Activity

A few ideas for spending time together could be watching a sports game, setting up an old fashioned poker game, or watching one of their favorite old movies. You can also consider bringing over an old photo album, book, album or other memento from yesteryear to remind him of when he was younger.


Things to Consider for Fathers with Alzheimer’s

Unfortunately some of our elderly Fathers may have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, which limits a lot of the activities we’ve talked about. That doesn’t mean we can’t still make their day special! Here are a few things to think about:

  • Look for their “favorite” things
  • Relate to past work life
  • Be aware of physical problems
  • Keep abilities and skills in mind
  • Pay attention to what they enjoy
  • Focus on enjoyment, not achievement
  • Consider the time of the day

Hopefully these ideas help get you started on a plan to celebrate Father’s day with your Dad in a way that he and you can connect. Remember the amount of time, love, and dedication he has provided for you throughout your life, and do your best to reciprocate that on Sunday. Feel free to contact your Schofield Care staff for inclusion, questions, or concerns. Whatever you end up doing, make Dad’s special day one to remember!



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